​Washington D.C. Interviews:

Qualified Intelligence professionals in All-Source, ISR, PERSEC, Counterintelligence, CI Support and Screening and SIGINT, should submit contact request below.

AtlasRG is a military-friendly firm with driven passion to give back to our veterans. We
value your service and appreciate the time you take to apply for our positions.  We are looking for SIGINT, All-Source, HUMINT, CI, ISR and PERSEC candidates.

We take applications seriously and respond in near real time.

If you would like a personal interview in the Ft. Gordon or Washington, D.C. Metro areas,
please complete the contact forms below.  Be sure to include in your message:

  • Clearance level
  • ​MOS, AFSC or NEC
  • Total years of service
  • Years of experience in MOS beyond AIT or "A" School
Fort Gordon Interviews:

Qualified SIGINT, FMV and other MI specialty field candidates, should submit contact request below.